Product Description

CBN Introduction and application:

    Our CBN inserts mainly used for turning,cutting and milling high nickel and chrome cast iron workpiece,automotive brake disc, brake drum, cast iron wheel hub,cast iron roll,roller and pumps, free testing sample of solid CBN insert, Pcbn insert and tipped indexable CBN turning insert, milling insert are all available,only need you provide us detailed cutting condition,like the CBN insert ISO size and grade you are using, the workpiece name, workpiece material, rough or semifinish of finish turning,continuous or interrupted working.

   The major application of CBN inserts is high-speed machining for hardness metal such as : hardened steel, powdered metal, super-alloy and cast-iron.

Our CBN inserts are designed and manufactured to provide significantly longer tooling life and uniform surface finish also excellent dimensional control. As a direct result, all cost of the component can be significantly decreased, resulting in higher productivity as well as cost savings in the total manufacturing operation are successfully achieved.

 Product show of Hard Turning CBN Insert for milling tools

Longevity: UHD CBN tools is 2 times longer than foreign brand ceramic tools.
Durability:UHD CBN tools is 4 times higher than first class coated carbide tools.
Efficiency : UHD CBN tools is 5 times better than first class carbide tools.

PCBN can remain the red hardness at 1370℃, 2 times higher than PCD. Even at 800℃, PCBN hardness is still higher than carbide, vitrified and PCD in atmospheric temperature. So PCBN cutting speed is 2-5 times faster than carbide, vitrified and PCD, extremely high.

Application & User Case

    The CBN insert can be used in CNC turning operations for finishing precision hardened material parts, a highly polished surface can be achieved when using CBN inserts. Our CBN inserts are specially geared toward aerospace and automotive applications.

Production Technology