Product Description

Material: Block type vitrified diamond flat grinding wheel

Item Index
Concentration 150%~200%
D(Outer diameter) 400mm(H is 50mm)
D(Internal diameter) 350mm(H is 40mm)
W(Thickness) 10mm

Remarks: Diamond abrasive grain can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement.We also offer customer-specific segment geometries, catering for every tooling concept and application. So as to aid customers in the selection and application of the most appropriate grade, we offer comprehensive technical literature and expert advice from our application-engineering team.

It is mainly suitable for cylindrical grinder,flat grinder,PCBN/PCD insert,natural diamond cutter,carbide alloy,vitrified cutting tools,etc. Has more and more application in Cars, Hydraulic, Ceramic and other industries,etc.

Its characteristics: Good self-sharpening,difficult to be blocked, long usage life, high grinding efficiency, good shape retention, low temperature, the processed parts is without gap,edge breakage, good surface quality.